Soufflé Success

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I have seen chefs on TV cook soufflés a lot, and one day I decided I was going to do it!   As I always do I first researched a couple different recipes and took the things that I liked from them.  Martha Stewart has some of my favorite recipes to make – they are easy to follow and allow for a little creativity as you go.  I had to cook the soufflé at Jamie’s house because their oven had a window – very important to only cook a soufflé in an oven that has a window.  Before Jamie and I lived together he lived with two guys – Matt and Jason.   It was the perfect place to cook something sweet while they all watched football.  However, it didn’t take Jamie’s attention off of me – he took a photo of me watching the soufflé to make sure it did not sink in.


(fingers crossed the whole time – and I even used Dexter to help me watch)


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