Dexter: Sous Chef Pug

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I had to mention my four-legged sous chef in the kitchen – Dexter.  As a sous chef he spends most of his time sitting under the cutting board waiting patiently for something to drop.  I like to think he just wants to spend time with me in the kitchen, but I know that he is just looking for some cheese.  I have learned that he doesn’t care for cauliflower or broccoli, when those drop on the ground he spits them out.  But when cheese, tomatoes, or any bread products drop on the ground he is all over it.

I have had Dexter for 5 years and have loved to share my love of cooking with him in the kitchen.  Because of his potential weight problem as a pug, he does not get to enjoy much of what I cook in the kitchen; unless it falls on the floor.  So really he could also be considered a maid for the kitchen floor.  Jamie has learned to love him, even with Dexter’s snoring, loud breathing, barking and loads of hair – he might not love him as much as I do, but it’s a start.

Check back and see what other recipes Dexter and I are cooking up in the kitchen!

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