Cooking with Friends: Pizza for Cheat Day

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We are still going strong with our diet and for cheat day this week two of my girlfriends came over and we made pizza.  We used two pizza doughs from Trader Joe’s (next time I definitely want to try and make the dough)- tips when cooking with this dough, it needs a couple extra minutes in the oven than what the directions on the packaging says.


The first pizza didn’t cook through all the way and then we left the second one in for longer at a higher heat and it was much better.  We made one pizza with olive oil, garlic, burrata, prosciutto, and arugula – one thing to remember about the arugula is you have to add it after you cook the pizza and then only leave the pizza in the oven with the arugula on it for a minute or so.  Cooking this pizza reminded me how much I love cooking with arugula, you will see more recipes using this peppery delight.


The second pizza was a classic pepperoni pizza (of course with the pepperoni below and above the cheese).  We used a basic red sauce from the can (definitely need to make a homemade red sauce – add it to the list), garlic, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni.  There is nothing like a classic pizza!

It was such a fun night and we will definitely make this “Cooking with Friends” thing a tradition.  :)


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