The First Meal!

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It finally came time for me to cook for Jamie. He had cooked for me a couple times and I figured I could return the favor. I wanted to find the most delicious thing to cook and totally knock his socks off.

For Christmas I asked for a 5 quart Dutch Oven (You might know them as the Le Crueset, really expensive ones). Anyways, my mom did a little research and found an even better one at World Market…and its even red!  When I finally got it down to LA with me I could not figure out what to do with it other than make soup. I asked my boss, Kate, who you will hear about a lot in this blog, as she is an absolutely fantastic cook and has lots of recipes and tips.  She gave me a recipe for Braised Short Ribs and told me it was so easy.  I could put it in the oven, go to bed, and 8 hours later I would have the most delicious meal.  Well, leave it to me to make it more difficult.

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